The Summer Case: Foster Care in Opera


Sonnet Swire, composer of The Summer Case The Oxford English dictionary defines Operatic as, “Extravagantly theatrical; overly dramatic.” There was



May is National Foster Care Month Help us kick-start our May foster care events; raise awareness about the kids who

Sibling Bill of Rights


Sibling Bill of Rights A brief history of the Sibling Bill of Rights from the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative: In 2012,

Who Do You Belong To?


Who Do You Belong To? “Who do you belong to?” asked the wedding photographer, to our 19 year foster son. He was

AJ Needs a Family


AJ AJ is a 14 year old Hispanic young man. He is quiet when you first meet him and then easily engages

Poverty and Adolescent Brain Development


Poverty and Adolescent Brain Development Many of the adverse effects of poverty on children and adolescents are well-documented. As science improves our

Parenting Your Adopted Teenager


Parenting Your Adopted Teenager "During the teenage years, youth form an identity that is separate from their parents and begin to learn